Welcome to my newsletter. I’m fantasy author Jodi Meadows. I’ve written a ton of books, by myself and with cowriters. Some are New York Times bestsellers. One is being made into an Amazon Prime Video show. Many have starred reviews from trade reviewers, plus honors like Indie Next selections, Junior Library Guild selections, and ALA Best Books of the Year, and other honors and awards.

I spend a lot of time in front of my computer.

But what is this newsletter for?

Right now, I have three segments. One for news and updates. One for writing and publishing discussion. One for yarn, because I really like yarn and sometimes I want to talk about it to people who aren’t my cats.

  • News and updates: This will be information about what I’m working on, book releases, sales, TV show adaption updates, and so on.

  • Writing and publishing: Sometimes I like to talk about writing. And publishing. This is basically exactly what it sounds like. Feel free to ask questions and request topics.

  • Knit night: As I said, I really like yarn. I learned how to crochet when I was a teenager. I taught myself to knit in my early 20s (I wanted to make socks). I taught myself how to spin shortly after that. And now I’m learning how to weave.

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With more than a dozen published books and over a decade in the industry, I can speak authentically about the ups and downs of writing and publishing. I’ve cowritten six books, read query letters/manuscripts for a literary agent, mentored authors, written edit letters for writers, led workshops, and more. My books have hit the NYT bestseller list, received starred reviews, as well as Indie Next List, Junior Library Guild Selection, and ALA Best Books of the Year.

Wow, that makes me sound like I’ve got my life figured out, doesn’t it? Hah!

Anyway, when you subscribe, you get:

  • An honest look at the life of a full-time author.

  • Writing advice.

  • Clear talk about the publishing industry (from the perspective of an author).

  • News on new releases.

  • Updates on appearances and events.

  • Information on sales and giveaway opportunities for my books.

  • Occasional recommendations, books and otherwise.

  • Cat photos.

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Most of my subscribers are here for the writing and publishing section, which is great! I think it’s important to help educate authors so they can better advocate for themselves — and understand what is “normal” in this industry. I am committed to sharing free, honest posts about real life as an author.

However, those posts aren’t free for me to write; they take time away from my paying work. Paid subscribers make it more sustainable for me to continue sharing the free content with all my readers.

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  • Bonus cat pictures, probably.

  • My undying gratitude.

I write an additional post every month that’s just for my paid subscribers. Sometimes I write bonus paid posts if I have time or something extra to talk about.

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